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Our targeted social media marketing ads showcase full HD videos with narration and music; and professional interior and aerial videos and photography to capture a buyer’s emotions and attention.

This not only increases your showings, but my years of experience and research shows what areas of the country would typically buy in your community and/or price range, so my social media ads make it to the computers, laptops and mobile devices of people who are more likely to buy your home.

Additionally, my video tour tracking data lets you and me see exactly how many people are viewing your tours, and on what platforms, which gives me the unprecedented ability to pinpoint my advertising and marketing of your property.

My sellers also get unique full color property flyers with a dedicated URL site for your property video tour.  This allows buyers the ability to immediately access all data and information about the home from their cellular device.

You can read real customer reviews here and on Zillow.

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In addition to a full HD interior and aerial video tour, sellers get a 5 ft sign post with spectacular property brochures complete with a dedicated URL for your home tour.

Choosing the right agent to market and represent your home is essential to getting the best price in the least amount of time on market.

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