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4 Things You Should Never Burn In Your Backyard Pit

This weekend is Labor Day, and as we get ready to wind down on summer and head into the fall, who doesn’t like a fire pit?

They are a great way to get your family and friends together, have a cook-out, maybe pull out your guitar or cajon and start playing.

You must remember that just because something can burn, does not mean you should just add it to the fire!

Here are 10 things that you should NEVER burn in your backyard fire pit:



Sometimes the fire isn’t getting started quickly enough and you may be tempted to add some gasoline or other accelerant. These are too unpredictable and volatile and could even cause an explosion.

Particle Board.

Who doesn’t have some old broken furniture that the garbage man won’t pick up until Bulk day or whatever other reason we have for not getting rid of it.

Particle board is typically held together with adhesive that is emits toxic gases when burned.



The ink used to print on these emit toxic fumes when burned. You would be better off recycling these along with your junk mail.



If you live in Levy county or somewhere else where you can still legally burn trash.

Please think twice about what you add to your fire.  The burning of trash releases toxins and smoke into the air.

Be sure you are not including plastics or anything with old painted wood in your burn.

Remember to be kind to your neighbors and the environment. We all, including you, have to breathe the same air.

So, start getting your yard ready, cleaning up debris around the old pit, or maybe even purchase a new one.

Remember, while you are having fun to always use safety first.

Do you have a fire pit story you would like to share?  Be sure to post it in the comments section.



Ann-Marie is a real estate agent in the Greater Ocala, Florida area with over 2 decades in the business. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force and her clients know her as a go-getter and pro-active agent specializing in the luxury market.